Private beach
Nothing is more beautiful then your own private beach..... At Tranquillity Beach resort , we offer a authentic beach at the door step of your room. Here you can relax on beach , eat on the beach , u sleep on the beach and u stay on the beach .
Saturday, August 23, 2014 to Sunday, August 24, 2014


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  • I had visited a week ago with my wife, to my expereience it was just awesome, the location, sizzling waves sound from the beach during night time , morning fresh windies and the tasty food tht they offer u during breakfast, lunch and dinner.Poeple thre are just very cooperative and u feel its like such a lonely place free from huzzle atmosphere.
  • We visited with my friends... Tranquillity Resort is Ultimate & superb .. it is really Rejuvenating & Completely safe for girls & ladies group tooooooo. The privet beach is clean & we was enjoying like any thing ... Excellent food & very nice service.. The staff & Manager are very helpful.. It is really paisa vasul trip !
​​ Tranquillity Beach Resort